Reworker up until -4°C / -18°C

RBSX Reworker systems are used for the processing of frozen butter, cheese, or margarine blocks with a temperature of negative 21 degree Celsius (negative 5.8 degrees Fahrenheit).

Using the kinetic energy caused by the system, the butter will be heated to the desired packing temperature (positive 8 degree Celsius to 14 degree Celsius)

The system are designed for an input temperature of negative 21 degree Celsius and alternatively for a temperature of negative 4 degree Celsius at the performance of 0.8 to 10 metric tons per hour without interruptions.

The Rothenburg Reworker, fulfills all requirements set by the USDA and has the highest standard of hygiene. Our Reworker system is the only system which can surpass those standards.

Reworker compare -4°C and -18°C

Reworker up until -4°C

  • Processes tempered butter blcoks with a temperature of as low as -4°C
  • Can process butter blocks from 800kg to 10t per hour
  • Only uses kinetic energy to increase temperature of the butter
  • Optimization of the butter structure for a better and homoge product
  • Large and slow running pumps as well as large inlet nozzles to prevent cavitation in the system
  • Compact and hygienic design